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From 1974 to today

A brief history

In 1974, a group of students in the master’s program in taxation at the Université de Sherbrooke founded Consultax Ltd.

The new firm specialized in sales tax recovery services with public-sector organizations in Quebec.

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The group quickly expanded, and soon Consultax was offering expert services to manufacturing companies across Quebec and Canada. With a mandate to support clients throughout the audit process, Consultax in the late 1980s played an instrumental role in helping some of its manufacturing clients secure a favourable judgment, resulting in the recovery of tens of millions of dollars.

In the 1990s, the goods and services tax (GST), Quebec sales tax (QST) and harmonized sales tax (HST) came into force. The company adapted to these new fiscal measures.


have worked on major
projects that have had
significant financial impacts
for its clients

Consultax professionals went on to work on major projects that had significant financial impacts for its clients (medical laboratories and health establishments), specifically in connection with the GST and QST applied to pharmaceutical products in the health sector.

Réf. : Centre Hospitalier Le Gardeur et al. against The Crown, 2008

In this regard, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in 2009 issued an opinion on the application of the GST/HST with the intention of clarifying the conditions under which the concerned suppliers were entitled to sell their products as tax-free supplies.

By the early 2000s, Consultax Ltd was providing professional services across Canada, with most of its clients concentrated in Quebec and Ontario. Thanks to its continued development and its tax expertise specific to education, Consultax Ltd helped clients in this sector benefit from substantial reimbursements.

Réf. : Commission scolaire des Chênes

In 2007, associates of Consultax Ltd founded Consultax SST Ltd, which specialized in labour relations and occupational health and safety (OHS). Consultax SST offers services related to internal financial OHS audits, including case studies and analyses likely to impact the employer’s experience and annual fees.

Artificial intelligence and our analysis tools

Consultax in the 21st century

Tax laws and regulations are constantly evolving. Today’s management systems are increasingly effective in integrating all of an organization’s operations. Meanwhile, data warehouse volumes continue to grow. This new reality gives rise to fresh opportunities. In the past few years, we have capitalized on technological innovations to improve our methods with the goal of better serving our clients.

In 2019, Consultax invested in IT equipment, specifically in artificial intelligence. With the knowledge made available by our professionals, computer specialists are developing and improving the accuracy and power of our analysis tools by integrating advanced business intelligence functionalities.

Consultax is thus able to improve its tools with each review by integrating machine learning and deep learning functionalities specific to artificial intelligence. Our clients are already reaping the benefits.

Knowledge at work

The tools and expertise of our professionals are worth their weight in gold for managers, who often have neither the time nor the resources to delve deep into the data amassed in their systems . With Consultax, managers can rely on a team of recognized professionals with leading-edge technology to provide them with all the oversight they need in connection with hard-to-detect financial operations.

We are convinced, more than ever, that our decision to invest in artificial intelligence will result in benefits for our clients. Consultax has entered the 21st century on a solid footing.

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