What Makes Us Different

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Over 40 years of experience and expertise in corporate and public service bodies indirect taxation
Since its founding in 1974, Consultaxe has helped various organizations in different fields improve their accounting and fiscal processes. Over years of working with various organizational players such as large hospitals, universities, NGOs, and companies involved in imports and exports, our team of tax specialists has developed its field of expertise. We are more than qualified to advise you, regardless of your field of business. We know what you are facing.

Consultaxe is at the forefront of tax practices. We have developed tools using automation to assist our team in analyzing our clients’ tax data. The perk is that all your data (transactions, payments, taxes…) is closely analyzed by this software, which allows us to identify risks and recovery opportunities faster and more effectively. With the help of our members, our various tools are constantly evolving. We are working hard to take this project to the next level: artificial intelligence.

The development of innovative tools is not the only practical expression of our desire to improve our offer to our clientele. Over the years, we have developed our services to better support companies in achieving their strategic objectives. We now offer the option of a tax compliance review to all our clients who want services that go above and beyond. Our specialists not only identify recovery opportunities, but also provide you with a detailed report of our observations regarding your indirect taxes and accounts payable. Our team can recommend improvements to your accounting and tax processes and train your team to implement them properly.
Are you looking for a tax resource in Quebec? Look no further. Consultaxe is the #1 choice. Our team is also specially trained on every aspect of taxation: new tax laws and practices, consumption taxes, ITC-ITR calculations, self-assessments, simplified taxation system, and much more. We are one phone call away, to assist you in an audit or for any specific request concerning the application of tax law. We also help your accounts payable staff adopt best practices.
Consultaxe employs a group of renowned and recognized tax specialists in Quebec. Their extensive know-how and many years of experience are important assets in providing impeccable, high-quality service. Our team listens to your needs and concerns and is available to answer your questions at any time. With our experience, we’ve seen it all before. We know the source of the problem and we know how to fix it. For all these reasons, you can put your faith in us.
Our team of 23 tax specialists has completed more than 250 projects and has helped 92 local businesses gain confidence in their tax processes, to find peace of mind. Our 360 service offering allows your organization to benefit from the skills of our experts, in addition to achieving important results within your tax processes. We will help you achieve financial efficiency.
In addition to being a consultant of choice to optimize your tax strategies, Consultaxe is also a partner who will guide you as long as you want. The connection we build with our clients, to create a lasting and trusting relationship, is important to us.
What Makes Us Different

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