Our multidisciplinary team is made up of specialists in

financial efficiency of organizations

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for a manager and his organization

Our clients are our principal partners. Regardless of whether their activities are in the public or private sector, they are front and centre among our concerns.

Our mission is to offer clients superior-quality professional services that allow managers to improve financial efficiency in their respective departments and, by extension, across their organization.

Consultaxe offers you the expertise of its

multidisciplinary team

To earn your trust, you have to offer yourself the best.

For specific types of work, we call upon specialists with expertise complementary to taxation.

In doing so, we ensure that our clients benefit from exhaustive and impeccable work. Our specialists work jointly on preparing files in an effort to defend the interests of our clients. With each of our files, we strive for nothing less than winning.

Team of experts in labor relations

Consultax SST Ltd

After creating Consultax SST Ltd in 2009, the company welcomed a team of experts in financial auditing applied to occupational health and safety (OHS). These experts make an invaluable contribution by helping our clients minimize annual costs, specifically stemming from contributions made to personalized or retrospectively rated insurance plans. Better still, they become an inestimable source of knowledge for our clients, particularly human resources managers.

Since 1974, Consultax has kept a razor-sharp focus on the financial efficiency of organizations. On occasion, we call upon other specialists for highly specific files, including in engineering, law and actuaries.

Ultimately, and always with the best interests of our clients at heart, we strive to improve the financial efficiency of their current and future operations.

Find out about our financial audit of occupational health and safety (OHS) files service in order to reduce your annual contributions.

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