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Our team of tax compliance specialists reviews the entirety of transactions made by your organization. We will identify anomalies and risk elements as requested by the client. Our innovative and intelligent methodology will allow you to maximize the return on every dollar spent.

Indirect tax management

The compliance audit carried out by our team of tax specialists allows us to identify the slightest flaw in your indirect tax management processes. Not only do we target the risk elements that require your special attention, but we also identify the elements that you can recover. The objective is to guide you in the continuous improvement of your control processes. Trust our expertise for your indirect tax management.

Accounts payable audits

Accounts payable compliance is a key element in the optimal management of your internal processes. Following a thorough examination of your transactions, our analysts detect anomalies. With complete transparency, we share our recommendations in relation to the results of our audit. Here are the elements that our team can check:


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Preparing for Revenu Québec’s tax audits

Compliance review

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